July 14, 2024

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iPhone: New smartphone feature will increase street robberies

iPhone: New smartphone feature will increase street robberies

The latest iPhone software update adds a new feature to the popular and beloved smartphone, but it’s one that has sparked concern as users say it will increase street robberies.

The new feature pivots on how we pay for our purchases and adds an additional benefit for iPhone owners.

Each of us found ourselves footing the entire company bill at the end of the trip and then each sending our own share. Typically, depending on the day and time, this process can take several hours.

Funds will now be transferred with a simple tap between devices

This is exactly the problem Apple wants to solve with its latest iOS update, allowing iPhone users to send money to each other simply by swiping their devices.

“A new theft method has been launched.”

The description on Apple’s website reads: “Users get new ways to pay with Apple Pay, including the ability to redeem rewards and access installments from their eligible credit or debit cards.”

But there was one thing that worried people, who took to social media to share their opinions.

“Fraud will be so easy in a few years,” one wrote, while another joked: “From now on, we’ll be chasing everyone on the streets.”

Meanwhile, a third commented: “A new wallet stealing method has just been released.”

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