June 21, 2024

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Is the Russian invasion starting? What do we know until this Wednesday

(CNN) – US President Joe Biden has described the events in Ukraine as “the beginning of the Russian invasion” as President Vladimir Putin announced new sanctions to punish Moscow a day after it ordered troops into pro-Russian areas of eastern Ukraine.

If you understand the crisis in Ukraine and Russia, here is a summary of the most important:

Ukraine-Russia tensions: As far as we know, Wednesday, February 23rd

  • The US Secretary of State has canceled a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister scheduled for Thursday in Geneva.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the country’s interests and security were “impossible to negotiate”. But Moscow is open to dialogue “To find diplomatic solutions to the most difficult problems.”

Analysis | Trump stands with Putin as Biden tries to stop a war

  • Russian Embassy in London He refused to allow his troops to enter any of the disputed areas. In a strong response to the UK embargo on Wednesday, the embassy said it was “well known that they did not enter the region”.
  • Moscow was also rated UK sanctions “illegal”.
How far will the crisis between Russia and Ukraine go? 1:39
  • As for US sanctions, Russia has warned that it could hurt global financial and energy marketsAnd “Ordinary Americans will feel the effects.”
  • Maxar Technologies’ latest satellite imagery, in recent days, Russia has sent troopsVehicles and additional logistics infrastructure on the border with Ukraine.
  • A state of emergency has been declared in Ukraine It will take effect in all parts of the country within 48 hours and will last for 30 days.
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Latin America reacts to Russia-Ukraine conflict 1:16
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba called for further sanctions Following in Washington’s footsteps, other Western nations announced more sanctions against RussiaAnd Germany halted the development of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline following Moscow’s operations in eastern Ukraine.

  • France praised Germany’s move and said Russia has “infinite sanctions” sanctions that Europe could expose when the time comes.
  • Australia also announced sanctions for the Lugansk and Donetsk regionsTargeting sectors ranging from transportation to energy and telecommunications.
How does the international community react to Putin’s actions? 1:24
  • Even Canberra Imposed travel bans and financial bans Referred to the eight members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.
  • Japan also imposed sanctionsDonetsk and Luhansk stopped issuing visas and disabled assets of selected individuals linked to the recognition of independence.
  • On the other hand, China has criticized Western sanctions on Russia And he said he would not do the same.