May 21, 2024

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Israel bombs Syria – the first information

Israel bombs Syria – the first information

The alarm was sounded in Damascus, Syria, after reports of an Israeli raid on a Syrian security forces building.

A security source in the coalition that supports the Syrian government told Reuters that the building located on the outskirts of the capital was subjected to an Israeli bombing on Thursday night (2/50), but he did not provide further details.

There have been no reports yet from Syrian official media about a raid.

The Sawt Al-Asimah news website, which is close to the Syrian opposition, reported explosions in the Damascus area, and reported that “Israeli missiles” had penetrated the Syrian air defenses.

Sources told the Saudi Al-Hadath channel that the “Israeli attack” on the Syrian capital targeted a Hezbollah position on the road leading to the city's international airport.

Channel 13 published a video showing the targeting of targets in Damascus:

The Israeli army struck a number of Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon

In addition to Syria, Israeli armed forces continue to launch attacks in southern Lebanon.

Earlier, it was reported that Israeli warplanes also bombed Hezbollah fighters who were spotted by soldiers entering buildings used by the Lebanese group in Aita al-Shaab.

Four missiles were also fired from Lebanon at the Mount Dov area. According to the Israeli army, the Iron Dome intercepted three of the missiles, while the fourth fell in a non-residential area.

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There were no reports of damage or injuries, and the Israeli army added that it bombed the launch site with artillery shells.