February 6, 2023

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Pantsiri: “Tweets” of the former MEP – “Kylie is trying to defend herself”

Laurent Kane, lawyer for Antonio Panzeri, has spoken to Corriere della Sera about what the former MEP has been accused of in his case. Qatargate. Among other things, Pancheri has lamented that he has, he says, hurt his political faction, while continuing to deny that he masterminded the scandal. in a relationship In agreement with the Belgian authorities In order to “calm down”, Pantziri remarks that he will tell the truth while being asked to comment on Kaylee’s testimony claiming that the bag of money found in her house belonged to him.

I’m sorry I hurt the left

“My client regrets that with his behavior he has harmed the left, its political faction,” Laurent Kane said, according to the APS. At first he was in contact with the Qatari left, which is far right by our standards, but he showed little concern for workers’ rights, and from 2017 to 2019 he contributed to improving the situation. A relationship that was compatible with Pancheri’s ideas, however, he completely betrayed her from the moment he took the money,” the lawyer added.

He explained that “his client began to think about the possibility of cooperating with the Belgian justice just before Christmas”, because “he is 68 years old and the trial will start, probably, when he is 72 years old.” Lauren Kane said.

Agree on a “middle sentence”

In a related question from Corriere, he replied: “Pantsiri is accused of corruption because before 2019 he was a member of the European Parliament and of being corrupt because he is considered the leader of a criminal organization that is the subject of corruption.” His defense attorney asserts that his client’s plea bargain requires a five-year prison sentence, of which he will spend only one in a correctional institution, which he considers to be an “average sentence,” given the circumstances of the case.

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for Kylie

Referring to the testimony of Eva Caylie, which Corriere recalls, and the statement that “the bag found in her house belonged to Pansieri,” the lawyer of the former Italian parliamentarian emphasized: “Cayli is trying to defend herself. Pancieri will speak, he will tell the truth. The agreement with the prosecution provides for a preliminary statement , but he will not be accusing others.”

Commenting on his statement that “Pantsiri is not the mastermind of the organisation,” his defense lawyer explained:

“He is one of the leaders of a non-hierarchical organization with a big mafia-style boss. There are individuals from Qatar and Morocco recommending corruption to other individuals. Pancheri is the only mediator. He does not speak French or English, only Italian. So it is difficult for him to be the leader and argue with Qatar and Morocco.” .

As stated by the lawyer of the former Italian parliamentarian, the cooperation agreement does not concern his daughter and his wife, but he “hopes for a better treatment for them as well.”

Finally, regarding the conditions of Bancheri’s detention, Laurent Key affirmed:

He added, “He is being held in Saint-Gilles, one of the two worst prisons in Belgium. Many judges have recognized that conditions in this prison do not respect human dignity. My client is in the same position as other prisoners.”