June 19, 2024

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Israel: Shocking revelation from survivors of Hamas massacre at festival – 'Nearly 50 people killed themselves'

Israel: Shocking revelation from survivors of Hamas massacre at festival – 'Nearly 50 people killed themselves'

A survivor of the Nova Festival in Israel, where Hamas launched its attack on October 7, 2023, has made a shocking discovery.

During a conference on the healing of survivors of the attack, Guy Bensimon revealed that 50 of the festival attendees were psychologically traumatized and committed suicide.

“Few people know this, but there are about 50 suicides of Nova Festival survivors. That number was two months ago. Now it may have gone up,” he said characteristically.

Last January, the authorities admitted that incidents had occurred, but the Ministry of Health said that there had been no increase in suicide cases since October 7.

“Many of them are hospitalized due to psychological problems. I am practically unable to do anything. My dog ​​helps me survive. Our goal is that at some point we can live normally, go to work, but without special help we will not succeed.”

The three witnesses to the massacre at the Nova Festival

At the Nova Festival more than 360 people were killed by Hamas terrorists.

“I don’t understand why I have to explain every time what I went through there. Why do I have to go back to these painful details to be believable to someone,” said Naama Eitan, who participated in a mental health study after the attack. She cannot sleep more than two hours a day due to fear.

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“Every morning at 7am, I relive the nightmare moments… when I was hiding in the bush, and the terrorists were passing by. I can’t deal with it alone. I have to have someone with me all the time. I’m scared,” he said. “.

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Festival survivor: “Some pretended to die to escape”

Eitan revealed that she spent three hours hiding in the bush while calling the police, but there was no help.

“When it's quiet around me, there's a buzz in my head and I go back to those moments. If it wasn't for my psychiatrist, I wouldn't be here today to talk,” she added, explaining that she too had suicidal tendencies after the nightmare she experienced.

Nasa, a third survivor, revealed that she is desperately seeking help from psychiatrists, but the only appointment she can find is within 5 months.

Since October 7, more than 600,000 Israelis have made appointments with psychologists after October 7, according to a poll conducted by i24.

“We were in an open field, and we had no place to hide. We felt helpless. Some in their desperation climbed trees. Most of them were killed by Hamas bullets. He added that the survivors were the ones who hid their bodies under the corpses and pretended to be dead,” while he said that some Hamas members assaulted the women in their private parts. They used their genitals with their weapons, while they cut their bodies with knives.

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