November 30, 2023

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Israel: Wounds from Syria and Lebanon

Israel: Wounds from Syria and Lebanon

Israeli artillery responded with fire

Israel: Wounds from Syria and Lebanon

The Israeli Armed Forces announced that the country was bombed by Syria and Lebanon today.

The Israeli army announced, on Tuesday evening, that shells fired from Syria hit an uninhabited area in the part of the Golan Heights it annexed.

No damage or injuries were reported as a result of the raids, while Israeli artillery “responded” by targeting the point from which the shells were launched.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, rockets were fired from southern Lebanon toward Israel as the war with Hamas raged. The Israeli armed forces responded with artillery fire.

The statement said, “In response to the firing from Lebanese territory on Israeli territory, Israeli soldiers are currently responding with artillery fire.”

About 15 missiles were launched from Lebanon, 10 of which landed in uninhabited areas and four were intercepted, according to the Israeli Armed Forces. A short time later, the military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for launching rockets from Lebanon.

With information from APE/Reuters

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