July 22, 2024

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Israeli Minister: “The nuclear bomb in Gaza is an option” – Netanyahu’s reaction

Israeli Minister: “The nuclear bomb in Gaza is an option” – Netanyahu’s reaction

Statements by an extremist nationalist Israeli minister, in which he said that using a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip was an “alternative option,” sparked strong reactions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly distanced himself from the statement of his minister, Amichai Eliyahu, while the Associated Press reported that he suspended his participation in government meetings until further notice.

During the interview, Israeli Heritage Minister Amithai Eliyahu confirmed that he was not satisfied with Israeli retaliation in the Gaza Strip. When a journalist asked him if the solution for him was to fall.Some kind of nuclear bomb all over the Gaza Strip“To settle it and kill all the people,” the minister replied: “It is an alternative option».

Elijah’s words sparked an immediate reaction from Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which in a statement spoke of statements that had no meaning.It has nothing to do with realityHe added that the Israeli army is trying not to expose civilians in the Gaza Strip to danger.

After the uproar, the minister posted a message on platform X in which he pointed out that his statement “about nuclear weapons has a metaphorical meaning.”

“Shocking and crazy statement”

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid called on Benjamin Netanyahu to hold the minister accountable.

«A shocking and crazy statement from an irresponsible minister. It has harmed the families of the kidnapped, Israeli society and our international standing. The presence of extremists in the government puts us in danger and jeopardizes the achievement of our goals in the war: victory over Hamas and the return of the kidnapped people. Lapid said in his blog post: “Netanyahu should fire him.”

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With information from Guardian/APE, AFP