July 14, 2024

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“It hurts, fox. He did this to Litra on purpose.”

“It hurts, fox. He did this to Litra on purpose.”

After things are against her Xenas Kotselinis For her attitude towards him Apostle Litrathe a light He returns with new statements and the well-known hunter calls her “the fox” and “the sly one,” who said everything she said for the benefit of the criminal lawyer with the aim of achieving high television viewership ratings.

More specifically, Light said: “If Mr. Letras, God bless him, was a rapper or a trap, you see what would happen… We never side with the streamer and we never side with the abuser when that happens.” It comes to such issues. But I’m starting to think that means the crafty bitch did it on purpose for the ratings. “She can’t be that stupid.”

“For so many years on TV, she hasn’t been able to be such a tough stone that she came out and said that not knowing that we were all going to crush her. She got her numbers, and she renewed her contract, so I think she threw us some cheese! I’m not being harsh at all, Lou.” I was cruel to understand that. You should know that he is mean, cunning, he did it intentionally. What past do I have with Zina Kotselinis?” Added light.

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