July 14, 2024

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Natalia Germano: “We’re dealing with a couple, she’s a big star… unstoppable.”

Natalia Germano: “We’re dealing with a couple, she’s a big star… unstoppable.”

Natalia Germano wanted to make a special comment during her presentation on Sunday afternoon, which was supposed to “freeze” all of her partners for a few seconds.

More specifically, she mentioned Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, about whom the announcer said: “I think within the next few days his divorce from Jennifer Lopez will be officially announced. The story of these two is that he now describes in a humorous way how they stopped him and said ‘I really liked your movie’ but As soon as they saw Jennifer they started screaming the name of his “famous and star” wife.

He describes it in a humorous way, but he also hides a slight bitterness. Because now between us children, we are alone, you and us. “We’re dealing with a duo where she’s a huge star… unstoppable.”

Then he confirmed: “Half a minute!” As an actor! As a singer and dancer she is amazing. However, Jennifer Lopez does not work as an actress. I recently watched the movie Atlas, which is a sci-fi movie, and I enjoyed it a lot because of the movie with Taiga influences but now, well, the gameplay. “But on the other hand, Affleck is also a very good director and he’s also a good actor.”

“So this guy had to weigh the fact that I am who I am, I act well, I direct well, I do everything well and I am married to a wonderful girl who is a doll, she dances and sings great, she is also my colleague but you wouldn’t call her talented. But When we go out, they shout her name.” “A difficult marriage,” Natalia Germano meaningfully emphasized in this statement she made on Sunday, “couldn’t be better.”

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