July 18, 2024

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It’s 2022 and Magic Mouse is still charging from below

It’s 2022 and Magic Mouse is still charging from below

Apple launched a New Magic Mouse todayMarch 8, 2022. It’s Elegant looking black version. It also still has its own charging port on the bottom — which means that six and a half years after its introduction, Apple still thinks the best way to charge the mouse is by flipping it over (which renders it useless) and plugging in a Lightning cable.

Here’s a little secret: I copied and pasted most of that last sentence from an article I wrote about this particular issue. about a year ago, when Apple introduced a full set of colorful Magic Mice and had the opportunity to change the charging method, but it did not. Apple has maintained this bottom-up design since October 2015.

Previous edge Colleague Nick Stat mocked the mouse’s design December after submissionPointing out that Apple is asking mouse users to “flip the device on its back like a beetle with its legs in the air and connect the cable.” I included part of that quote in my article last year as well, and I mention it again here because I still think it’s a good metaphor for how ridiculous it all is.

Most rechargeable wireless mice let you plug it in, so you can use it while charging. But for some reason, Apple has steadfastly refused to put a charging port anywhere except under the Magic Mouse. The company has shown a willingness to fix many other weird design decisions — the newer Apple Pencil doesn’t need that Exit from the Lightning port To ship, for example, the new Apple TV Siri Remote The old touchpad of a scroll wheel and clickpad.

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With New Mac StudioApple even put in two USB-C ports and an SDXC card slot In the foreground Rather than pushing them all in the back, reflecting Apple’s recent willingness to give people the ports they want in obvious places (see also: Many ports in the new MacBook Pro). But the Magic Mouse’s bottom charging port is still there.

To be fair, Apple claims on its website that the Magic Mouse battery will “run your Magic Mouse for a month or more between charges,” so you don’t have to plug in the mouse every week. But in my previous experience with wireless mice, I would use them until their batteries were completely drained, after which I would argue to find a charging cable so I could use them wired for a short while while they charged. With a Magic Mouse, I wouldn’t be able to do that; I have to push him to the side while he’s resting on his back to get some more juice and hope to have another mouse or trackpad lying around that I can use in the meantime.

If you still want the black Magic Mouse despite the frustrating shipping condition, you can order one of them Apple website now – But you should know that Like a new black trackpadIt’s $20 more expensive than the white one.