June 13, 2024

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It’s official: this is the new PlayStation Portable – coming out in 2023

It’s official: this is the new PlayStation Portable – coming out in 2023

The rumors we just gave you have been confirmed. during the PlayStation 2023 Show, Sony confirmed this New portable playstationhighlighting some first screenshots and some preliminary information.

go into detail, The final system name has not been confirmed. Instead, the gaming giant presented us with the new addition to the PS5 family with Codename Project Q.

This new PlayStation Portable won’t exactly be the successor to the PSP and PS Vita, since One would need a PlayStation 5 for it to work. The portable device will work by taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s Remote Play feature, to do so Stream content from your home console. Will require a persistent internet connection to connect to the owner’s home PS5 console.

It looks very similar to a DualSense controller, with a screen between the two handles. At the moment we do not know the resolution or the dimensions, as the technical specifications have not been confirmed. However, we know how Project Q will be released in 2023.

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