July 14, 2024

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J2US: A Celebration of the Clarinet and the Evolution of Departure

J2US: A Celebration of the Clarinet and the Evolution of Departure

J2US: Another concert was held on stage featuring the song with visits from the past, duels and transformations

Another Saturday, Nikos Kouklonis, presented the jury and J2US pairs… Show performance At the tenth hour of the charity song show.

Double interpretations, performances that were deified, and others that did not even convince the traditional Greek festival On stage with an old acquaintance of the game, Hara Vera and also Yannis Kapsalis filled in on Saturday night.

in live tonight visits from the past They started early, as an old acquaintance, an old j2us bassist, on a collaboration that didn’t go well, he came on stage tonight performing his big hits as well as his new single.

Of course we are talking about Has risen, who was deified by the audience and even faced off with presenter Nikos Koukloni in one duel The songs that stole the show.

From the looks of the distinguished couples, impressions were stolen Lefteris Mitsopoulos And the Anthony Papilias Interpretation of Farid “File” by Yannis Plutarchus but also Ioannis Melisanidis and the Melina Macri With their impressive appearance on Haines’ song “O Akrovatis”.

When the “difficult” hour of the evening came, Nikos Kouklonis usually began to smooth out the process of leaving, but he achieved great success. heart announcing that no one would be leaving, but that next week there would be a double departure.

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