May 18, 2024

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Jenny Melita got married – first photos

Jenny Melita got married – first photos

Broadcaster Jenny Melita and her partner Spyros Margaritis joined the holy bond of matrimony today, Saturday, September 16, 2023.

ERT broadcaster Jenny Melita kept away from the media all the details of her wedding, from the date to her appearance in the wedding dress.

Early Saturday night, Fotis Sergolopoulos made the revelation, posting photos from the time of the wedding.

We will be very few people and want to try it in person

“We will be very few people and we want to experience it very personally. After…the celebration, I may upload something on my social media,” Jenny Melita said a few days ago in HELLO! magazine.

However, since Saturday morning, Jenny Melita and Spyros Margaritis did not want to publish any post that would betray their marriage.

Jenny Melita is married to her partner, Spyros Margaritis

Jenny Melita in a snapshot from her wedding to Spyros Margaritis

The Bachelorette’s replacement for Jenny Melita

The presenter had planned her wedding perfectly and was counting down to the big day.

Before she climbed the steps of the church, she was celibate, and the truth is that she was a substitute.

The bride’s party with her friends usually involves going out to eat or drink, dancing and having fun until the early hours of the morning.

But this bachelorette was annoying and Jenny Melita will remember her forever.

Her friends decided to “kidnap” her for 30 hours to celebrate her final days as a free woman.

In the message they sent her about the things she would need with her, they explained to her that she would not be able to communicate with her lover for 30 hours.

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“Dear bridesmaid, tomorrow at 11:00 AM, be ready with your SC luggage, which will include, at a minimum, loose clothing (ideally covering the legs and arms), loose closed sneakers, and a swimsuit (ideally Not covered), other bathroom essentials, sleepwear (coverage range is at your discretion) and nighttime essentials. “Tell the best man you will tell in about 30 hours of your goodbye not to look for you,” the letter read.

After providing her with the necessary information, they took her from her home and went to play a paintball match.

The evening was followed by dinner, dancing and entertainment, with the broadcaster enjoying every moment.

She even posted several snaps from her bachelorette party on her stories and made no secret that she had best friends and bridesmaids.

Jenny Melita on her alternate Bachelorette