October 1, 2023

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Vassilis Besbekis’ ex-wife spoke on camera for the first time

Vassilis Besbekis’ ex-wife spoke on camera for the first time

Konstantina Peccari, ex-wife of Vasilis Besbekis, gave her first television interview on the program “Jia Su” and spoke among other things about her personal life.

“It’s my first TV interview, but the truth is that I’m not nervous. My son Michalis is 10 years old. When my son turned 8 I decided to open my own restaurant. In my store you will find a “non-binary” toilet. I want those who come here to feel “With comfort, there are people who do not feel comfortable, neither in men nor in women,” Constantina Beccari said at the beginning.

Regarding the son she had with Vassilis Besbekis, she said: “My son is my role model, he has a great sense of humor and we are a very nice family. The child needs to feel that the mother and father are strong and can rely on them. “Michalis is already a pianist, and he has an ear for music.”

Constantina Beccari explained that she does not see what is written about her and at the same time talked about her personal life: “I don’t see what is written about me on websites, I have no idea. I don’t care at all. Let them say what they want, I and my baby should be fine. I am well and very happy in my personal life. What I want in my life are very simple things. I will say it for the thousandth time, I want to have very good people by my side, the truth is that I am very lucky to have them and we hope to be healthy. I don’t want anything else, I know how to live my life with these two things.”

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