October 1, 2023

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Signs 16/09 Mercury in Partheno until 4/10 – Detailed forecast for each sign

Signs 16/09 Mercury in Partheno until 4/10 – Detailed forecast for each sign

Mercury begins its direct movement in Virgo. It will remain in this sign until October 4th helping to improve and restore problems and situations currently open in our daily routine. It will give us the opportunity to lend a helping hand to those we care about and get support from people we value. The push toward completion will be felt through practical advice and solutions and it will be easier to discern what to keep and what to let go of. However, during the next three or four days we must be especially careful because its movement to the right is associated with sudden events, disturbances and problems related to the previous period between 8/23 and 9/15, which was retrograde. All remaining outstanding from the specified period must be resolved in any way. Zodiac signs and ascendants in detail. . .

For pregnancyYour mind is more entrepreneurial or you are dealing with issues related to your daily routine and work at this time. Until the beginning of October, Mercury in Virgo helps you use the tools at hand and organize them in the most appropriate way.

For TaurusThe need to gather information that will be useful for something you want to do right away will be felt with Mercury in Virgo until early October. Mercury’s position is very supportive and helps you investigate data thoroughly, focusing on the necessary details, so that the end result brings you greater satisfaction.

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For Gemini, the ruler of your sign, Mercury, is in Virgo until around the beginning of October acting mainly beneficially in matters related to your home, family, and personal life. The adjustments are particularly useful and help you park more appropriately on your chosen path.

For cancerWith Mercury in Virgo until the beginning of October, communication becomes easier. New people enter your circle and you can exchange ideas and opinions toward creative new goals. Short trips are preferred and there is generally rejuvenating mobility.

For Leo, matters of values ​​and in general related to emotional and/or material security, Mercury connects you until the beginning of October in Virgo. During this period, you can find practical solutions and focus on minute details that you would have overlooked at another time. Review anything new that comes in detail.

For those born under VirgoMercury travels in your sign until the beginning of October, bringing with it new information and data that will mainly help you in the steps you want to take immediately. New methods of self-improvement will give you a boost and help complete things that are still open to settlement.

For LibraMercury is associated with the mind, ideas, and communication. In Virgo until the beginning of October, he works beneficially on what needs detail and practicality to be completed. There may be multiple ideas and there is a tendency to get confused, but the logical order you apply in these situations will get you out of dilemmas.

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For ScorpioOn the social front, Mercury acts positively in Virgo until the beginning of October. It gives you the advantage of finding useful solutions to issues that concern you and brings you closer to people who will be able to support you morally and practically.

For Sagittarius, Mercury in Virgo until the beginning of October makes you think, and yet it is for a good purpose. With the help of this placement of winged Mercury, you will be able to filter situations better so that you can choose to deal with the most beneficial ones. Give space to what is being packaged and do not jump to conclusions.

For CapricornMercury in Virgo helps you improve your working conditions and daily life until the beginning of October. Any methodology you use can be improved and you can move forward with better planning and organization on the path to success.

For AquariusMercury in Virgo until the beginning of October makes you carry out internal processes, but it is especially beneficial. After this period is over, you are sure to emerge not only victorious, but also more confident about the steps you take. Be careful of your relationships with relatives.

For whaleMercury opposite you in Virgo until early October activates everything related to your relationships and friendships. Personal relationships and partnerships are at the forefront and through communications and discussions you can improve the circumstances that currently exist between you. Take advantage of all the opportunities you have.