May 18, 2024

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Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines and other airlines are canceling more flights

Airlines have been preparing for the holidays for months, reviewing plans and preparing workers’ reserves. However, this is not enough to mitigate the rapidly spreading Omigron Corona virus and its effects Heavy snow and strong winds in the west.

The impact continued to be felt on Thursday, with more than 1,100 flights canceled within or within the United States as of noon. According to flight data database FlightAware. As of Thursday morning, the site shows more than 500 cancellations for Friday.

The country as a whole continues to be disrupted An average of more than 260,000 new corona virus cases a day, Higher than the peaks of last winter. Infection rates are high, especially in the Northeast and Midwest. Gasloads continue to increase rapidly due to the spread of the Omigran variant, although mortality and hospital admission are relatively stable.

The uprising has had a greater impact than air travel. New York City is slowly crawling The virus is thinning the number of subway workers and emergency workers. Cincinnati declared a state of emergency Wednesday to help the city tackle labor shortages within the city’s fire department amid an increase in corona virus cases that coincide with scheduled vacations. Many cities have canceled or limited New Year’s celebrations. In more detail, the infection caused Many months disaster in supply chains.

Air carriers were hard hit on Thursday by Jet Blue, which canceled 17 percent of its total flights. JetBlue on Wednesday said it would reduce its schedule to January 13. In a statement, Omicron said it had “seen a surge” in sick calls due to variation, preventing it from operating its aircraft properly. Holidays with more workers than ever before since the outbreak began.

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“We expect the number of Govt cases in the Northeast, where most of our team members live, to continue to rise for the next week or two,” the company said. “It’s more likely that the extra will be canceled until the number of cases starts to drop.”

Alaska Airlines, headquartered at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, has canceled 14 percent of its flights. Intermittent snowfall and low temperatures in the Pacific Northwest led to flights landing last week, and snow again in Seattle on Thursday.

To relieve the pressure of its staff, the Department of Aviation pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reduce the recommended isolation period for Americans affected by Govt-19. The company had previously recommended that affected patients be isolated for 10 days after a positive test. But on Monday, It reduced that period to five days Those who have no symptoms and those who do not have the flu will have other symptoms resolved.

There was Delta Airlines One of the first companies to adapt to updated guidance. Its new policy, dated Tuesday, offers workers five days’ paid leave for vaccinated workers who test positive for the corona virus, according to insider communications for company leaders at The New York Times.