March 23, 2023

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Calls for criminal liability and search for political figures

By Panagiotis Stathis

“…all the organizations involved deny their responsibility and in a desperate attempt to shift their responsibility, they are jointly responsible for this tragedy by their actions or omissions. It is the duty of the judiciary and competent authorities to investigate the crimes committed against me and my fellow passengers and take up the matter. Dangerous train. With this grudge, based on the series of facts provided by a 19-year-old student who was seriously injured in a terrible accident in Tempe while in the second compartment, he puts political leadership at the center of the search. Criminal – apart from political – responsibilities for the first time in the Ministry of Transport. Also, “a girl who tried to get off the train was mutilated and a The student also describes the shocking image of the “little girl who lost her leg”.

The petition was filed today by his lawyers, Theodore Manda and Louka Apostolidis, in which the young passenger describes in shocking detail what he and other passengers (mostly students) experienced on the evening of February 28. However, it clearly and unequivocally raises the question of seeking criminal liability of political figures, sending the prosecution to Parliament on a one-way basis. A politician’s position.

In particular, he requests that 5 crimes be investigated: breach of duty, according to Article 259 of the Civil Code, dangerous interference with the traffic of fixed-route vehicles, according to Article 291 of the Civil Code, causing bodily harm by negligence. Section 314 of the Civil Code, grievous bodily harm, under Section 310 of the Civil Code, report, under Section 306 of the Civil Code.

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As stated: “Theodoros P. Mantas and Associates and Loukas T. Apostolidis and Associates have performed legal representation for one of the many injured in the horrific crash in Tempe. Today, 03/17/2023, we filed a complaint on behalf of our client before the Athens District Attorney’s Office. We reserve the right to take further action to protect the person responsible and his rights.

With the petition we filed, we demand a full investigation into the commission of numerous criminal offenses, regardless of their position in the hierarchy, of any wrongdoing, natural or moral, and participant, by acts or omissions. To the administrations of the segregated OSE or the political persons under its charge and supervision, at the expense of our President on the one hand and at the expense of the passengers of the dangerous “Intercity 62” train on the other.