July 22, 2024

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Russian spy: Newsbomb.gr in Bakrati – Under the “microscope” of foreign travel – Newsbomb – News

Russian spy: Newsbomb.gr in Bakrati – Under the “microscope” of foreign travel – Newsbomb – News

Espionage case: Authorities are investigating the double life of Irina Alexandrova Smireva in Greece and abroad, while collecting data for the profile of the mysterious woman – Newsbomb.gr found in the shop she ran in Pakrati.

“basket” of case with Russian Irina Alexandrova Smireva who operated as a spy in Greece under the name “Maria Salla”Greek authorities are trying to unravel by all means.

The investigation is expected to shed light and provide more information about the 32-year-old’s undercover operation. Computers It was found at his residence in Pakrati.

They are under the “microscope” of Russian intelligence officials His travels From time to time abroad, especially in Russia, until EYP reveals its true identity.

Newsbomb.gr lens found on Arrianou Street, where Irina ran a shop with handicrafts and knitting products, looking for more information about the mysterious woman.

“He is not a suspect.”A resident of the area who knew “Maria Salla” spoke to Newsbomb.gr.

How did EYP “discover” her?

Suspicions of Irina’s criminal activities are heightened by the fact that her husband is a Russian citizen. He was living in Brazil with false informationAs Daniel Campos.

But neither of them were arrested They reportedly returned to Russia in early JanuaryThe period during which the EYP was notified of its suspicious activities.

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According to press reports “Daily” A subsequent inquiry at the Amaroosi Registry Office revealed that Unknown people deleted pages aReplaces them with others of the same graphic nature. “There was a discrepancy between paper and electronic records,” a competent government source told the newspaper.

Later, with the help of Western secret services, officers of the EYP identified the mysterious woman and found her to be a Russian national. category of “outlaws”..

They also discovered that he first came to Greece Fake passport of Latin American country And in 2018 he issued a birth certificate with the date of birth and death December 1991 with information regarding “stillborn child”.

Russian woman found by EYP no “illegals”

The “illegal project” is a network of Russian agents under unofficial cover. name”Illegals” given to the US Department of Justice when dealing with cases where spies who worked on this particular project were discovered.

An investigation FBI This culminated in the arrest of ten such agents June 2010It led to a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States and at the same time revealed the specific plan.

The arrested spies are from Russia and are being held in the US Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (known by its Russian acronym SVR), most of them used false identification. They pretended to be ordinary American citizens and tried to gain access to information by establishing contacts with academics, businessmen and politicians. He was the target of a years-long FBI investigation. Census, named Operation Ghost Stories , by the end of June 2010 ten people had been arrested in the United States and an eleventh in Cyprus. Ten “Sleeper” agents “It was accused of conducting long-term ‘deep cover’ operations in the United States on behalf of the Russian Federation.

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Since then, dozens of proceedings have been registered “Outlaws” In western countries. Greece, it seems, is no exception in its case “Maria Salla”, Irina Alexandros Smireva, by the world, escaped to Russia and gradually abandoned her base in Bakrati. Thursday night (16/3) where he was found Newsbomb.gr Looking for more information on this… ghost girl

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