April 18, 2024

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Johnny Depp: starring Louis in his new movie

Johnny Depp: starring Louis in his new movie

In the year 2022, when it goes down in history, it takes its name with it Johnny Deppwho captured media attention in the early months of the year with his celebrity experiment Amber Hurd.

Despite the triumphant victory of the actor, who came to “clear” his name and regain everything he lost after the accusations of beating against him by his ex-wife, he returned to the limelight, occupying, this time, for the wrong reasons. .

The legendary Jack Sparrow appears to be setting his sights on new adventures after a court awarded the actor $15 million in damages, while Heard won one of her counterclaims against Depp over comments made by his lawyer to the Daily Mail and was awarded $2 million in damages. Of course, the latest information made the compromise for the couple who were also in love Heard insurance company pays Deb $1 million to settle the case.

However, a report from The Daily Beast comes to add “fuel to the fire” and put Depp’s name in the spotlight once again. According to the information, the behavior of the Hollywood actor on the set of the new film “Favorite’, in which Depp plays Louis XI, appears to have been labeled problematic by his collaborators. As characteristically secure sources point out, Depp’s attitude is ‘outrageous’. It is worth emphasizing that the actor was accused of inappropriate behavior even before the well-lauded trial began. With great praise, but his colleagues justified the inappropriate attitude, considering that anxiety and anxiety about the outcome of the trial were the cause of … nerves.

Given his triumphant triumph, the people close to him in the group claim that there is no longer any justification for his erratic and inconsistent stance. Johnny Depp, who earned hundreds of thousands of fans when he appeared on the big screen as Jack Sparrow, has been quite rude to his director and star Maywen Lipescu, according to reports.

In particular, it was the actor Bernard Monsell who confirmed what he had heard about Depp’s attitude, during the French TV show “Touche pas a mon poste!” (Don’t touch my TV!).

As revealed by Monciel who was on the set of the film, Depp and Le Besco had a verbal conflict and a strange relationship throughout the shoot: “I heard some noise from filming, very serious stuff. Depp is a great actor when he comes on set, except sometimes when the crew is ready at 6 in the morning and he doesn’t show up. Of course, Maywen Le Pescoe, the casting director, was pissed off, and the next day, she didn’t show up. They don’t get along at all, they yell at each other all the time».

The fact that Johnny Depp was late for filming has been known for years, since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” era. In fact, in a Hollywood Reporter article from 2017, it was revealed that Depp had had drinking problems, huge arguments with Amber Heard and constant delays on set, leaving hundreds of collaborators waiting for him for hours.

However, “Pirates of the Caribbean” producer Jerry Bruckheimer defended the actor, stressing that Depp was under a lot of stress at the time.

The movie “La Favorite” and the role of Louis IE

The film “La Favorite” is based on the story of the last mistress of the French monarch.

The film is about the illegitimate daughter of a dressmaker who uses her intelligence and beauty to succeed in entering high society in 18th century Paris. Eventually, she managed to win her place at the king’s side and restore his lost zeal for life. Their relationship was one of the biggest scandals of the time.

Filming his new movie Netflix It was completed after 11 weeks and took place in famous Parisian locations such as the Palace of Versailles. Maywen Le Pescoe has captured the trend.

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