April 18, 2024

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Juventus 1-2: He escaped three-pointers in the 94th minute and took the lead

Juventus 1-2: He escaped three-pointers in the 94th minute and took the lead

Juventus felt very sad when they received the equalizer from Monza in the second minute of stoppage time, but they found a response in the 90th + 4th minute and achieved a huge 2-1 victory, which allowed them to rise to the top of the standings.

Last Sunday’s derby draw with Inter proved to be a simple bow for Juventus, who on Friday night returned to their favorite habit this season: winning.

Their sixth success in the last seven league matches and tenth overall in the first 14 matches was achieved at home to Monza, and victory seemed to be slipping away from the Bianconeri when they tied at 90+2, but they found the mental reserves and scored 2-1 in the fourth minute of stoppage time. The loss leaves Inter behind by one point.

It is noteworthy that this was the first victory for the Vecchia Signora team over Monza, as in the first two meetings in the history of the two teams in the Italian League, the Biancorossi – the newcomer last season – had celebrated two victories.

the match

Juventus entered the “U-Power” match strongly, looking for a quick goal, and with the end of the first ten minutes, the ideal conditions were created to achieve this.

Giorgos Kyriakopoulos grabbed Cambiasso by the shirt and brought him down in the Monza area, the referee showed the white ball but Vlahovic did not convert the penalty after he was hit twice by goalkeeper Di Gregorio: both on his first start and on the spot. Take the throw-in (the second missed penalty kick for Vekia Signora).

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But what the Serbian striker failed to do, Rabiot succeeded as the stage progressed, as Niccolucci executed a corner kick from the right side and the French midfielder scored with a perfect header, raising his tally to 13 goals since the beginning of last season.

After that and until the end of the first half, Juventus managed their lead perfectly, with Monza having possession (63%) but posing no real threat (5 finals, none at home) and Allegri’s side having a double-digit final tally (10). . ).

In the second half, the match became closer and the good phases in both teams were minimal, with Juventus allowing the home team to have the ball at their feet but closing the spaces very well and Monza applying pressure after the 70th minute but the final game was theirs. Not finding the target.

However, while it looked like the match would end without a beat for Juventus, the surprise happened, as Monza scored the first goal on target to make it 1-1, with Valentin Carbone sending in a cross from the right flank and the ball passed past the bodies to end up in the goal. Right corner of Cesny’s goal.

The excitement of the final did not end there, because despite the composure of Allegri’s team he went forward to play everything in everything and was justified, with Rabiot cutting in from the right flank and turning at the height of the small area, with the centre-back Gatti in his place. There with two attempts to send the ball into the net, giving Torino a golden three-pointer to the admiration of the traveling Juventus fans.

  • Monza: Di Gregorio, D’Ambrosio, Caldirola, Pablo Mari (66′ A. Carbone), Perientelli (46′ Colombo), Massin (46′ Motta), Gagliardini, Kyriakopoulos (66′ Pereira), Pessina, Tsoria, Colbani (66′ Pereira). 70′ n. Carbone)
  • Juventus: Cesne, Gatti, Bremer, Sandro, Campiazzo (87′ Locatelli), McKennie, Nicolochi (70′ Danilo), Rabiot, Kostic, Chiesa (76′ Kane), Vlahovic (70′ Milik).
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Results of match 14

  • Monza – Juventus 1-2 (90+2′ B. Carbone / 12′ Rabiot, 90+4′ Gati)
  • 12/02 16:00 Genoa – Empoli
  • 12/02 19:00 Lazio – Cagliari
  • 12/02 21:45 Milan – Frosinone
  • 12/03 13:30 Lecce – Bologna
  • 12/03 16:00 Fiorentina – Salernitana
  • 12/03 16:00 Udinese – Verona
  • 12/03 19:00 Sassuolo – Rome
  • 12/03 21:45 Napoli – Inter
  • 12/04 21:45 Torino – Atalanta

Program of the 15th round

  • 12/08 21:45 Juventus – Napoli
  • 12/09 16:00 Verona – Lazio
  • 12/09 19:00 Atalanta – Milan
  • 12/09 21:45 Inter – Udinese
  • 10/12 13:30 Frosinone – Torino
  • 10/12 16:00 Monza – Genoa
  • 10/12 19:00 Salernitana – Bologna
  • 10/12 21:45 Roma – Fiorentina
  • 11/12 19:30 Empoli – Lecce
  • 11/12 21:45 Cagliari – Sassuolo