July 22, 2024

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Kalamata: Five employees at the hospital

Kalamata: Five employees at the hospital

Five employees were transferred to Kalamata Hospital For distribution First helpBecause they breathed in contact with a caustic substance.

According to his statement Pharmaceutical Employees Union The accident happened on Messinias August 23 In the South Peloponnese Apothecary Cooperative Warehouse.

Union asks her Labor Survey, EFKA and competent bodies Clarify the terms.

The notification elaborated as follows:

«Serious work accident The day before yesterday, August 23, South Peloponnese Pharmacists Cooperative SY.FA.NO.P.PE. In the warehouse, when a container Caustic material Opened for unknown reason and Spilled during transit. As a result, 5 workers who came in contact with it or inhaled the fumes felt discomfort and were shifted to Kalamata General Hospital for first aid. They were active in surveillance.

In such sensitive professional areas the Not enough education for that Hazardous Materials ManagementCuts in safety measures combined with work intensification lead to mathematical precision Increase in occupational accidents.

We invite the Labor Inspectorate, EFKA of Kalamata and all relevant institutions to carry out the necessary tests to clarify the circumstances of this particular industrial accident.

To prevent accidents in workplaces such as pharmaceutical warehouses, where dangerous and caustic substances are stored, can have very serious consequences for workers’ lives and public health:

  • Personnel training in handling hazardous, caustic and flammable materials
  • Providing suitable equipment to protect workers from hazardous materials
  • Construction of storage areas necessary for safe storage and transportation of such goods”.