October 4, 2023

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Theoglidos, Metropolitan of Floris, Prespa and Erdaia, resigned

Theoglidos, Metropolitan of Floris, Prespa and Erdaia, resigned

His resignation was accepted by Mr. TheoclidusIt was accepted by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, which expressed its satisfaction and gratitude for what the old hierarchies had done in favor of the Church of Christ.

Venerable Theoklitos He will remain in office until the end of September, with new municipal elections estimated to be held in early October.

He was born in 1932 in Kyparissi, Grevena province, where he completed primary school and then Grevena High School. He graduated from the theological school of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1957.

He served as a theologian in the military religious service during his military service, where he preached ethno-religious sermons to military units. Later he worked in the “Stavros” missionary brotherhood.[

Το 1967 εκάρη μοναχός στην Ιερά Μονή Κοιμήσεως Θεοτόκου Κλαδορράχης Φλωρίνης και το ίδιο έτος χειροτονήθηκε Διάκονος.

Το 1968 χειροτονήθηκε Πρεσβύτερος υπό του Μητροπολίτου Φλωρίνης, Πρεσπών και Εορδαίας Αυγουστίνου Καντιώτη και έλαβε το οφίκιο του Αρχιμανδρίτη.[2]For thirty-two years he served as protosigel of the Holy Metropolis and in the province and as hierarch in radio.

He was a columnist in magazines and a speaker at metropolitan priestly conferences.[3]He was elected Metropolitan of the Holy Metropolis of Florina, Prespa and Erdaia on January 21, 2000, and ordained on January 23, 2000 at the Areopagite Agios Dionysios Holy Church in Athens.

In August 2023, he submitted his resignation to the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, which was accepted during its meeting on August 24-25, 2023.

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