April 24, 2024

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Kassalakis: SYRIZA elements face next “battle”.

Kassalakis: SYRIZA elements face next “battle”.

Balances in Syriza remain fragile after a four-day conference curtained by stormy backdrops, tensions and upheavals. Stefanos Kasselakis remains at the helm, and the next battle is expected to be over party elements.

The leader of SYRIZA clarified in his interview with ERT He has a clear mandate to bring about changes in the party SYRIZA will remain at the helm until the next national elections.

“I will be the leader of SYRIZA until the next national elections. I have a mandate from SYRIZA members to do that. Continue with changes. Anyone who wants to challenge me is happy to challenge me and I'm happy to win again. The SYRIZA leader explained that he did not make the statement out of arrogance.

Forward flight

The question is what the Syriza president's moves are in the coming days. A given for Stefanos Kassalakis is that he does not control party structures. So no one knows how he will choose to go with her Political Secretariat. It cannot be ruled out that he will try to overtake it with an executive office or ask its members to resign.

At the same time, an executive office of members elected by the party leader should be set up. In addition, no one can rule out Stefanos Kassalakis reorganizing the parliamentary committee and the party's department heads.

These plans include the creation of the Koumoundourou Morning Coffee Committee, an advisory group to the President, which will develop strategy. The Stefanos Kasselakis invites anyone who wants to advise him.

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According to Mega, Syriza's leader will emphasize his connection with the party's members and supporters. Therefore, parallel to the party organizations, the establishment of offices of the President in the major cities of the country was not avoided.

Augheri: There will be some changes immediately

SYRIZA's press representative, Dora Avgeri, spoke of structural flaws within the party. “Another message received and very loud, and said by Stefanos Kassalakis, is that there must be changes. The presidency cannot be the only institution that has changed. All other bodies and central committees are from 2022 elections. Surely these will be done in due course”Dora Avgeri told Mega.

He explained that some changes will be made immediately. “I do not know the thoughts of the President. It will definitely be restarted (including the admin office). This is nothing new. It was predicted. It is predicted. Let's be patient during the week, there will be changes very soon because this is not a simple plan of the President. This (people's demand)”, SYRIZA's press representative noted.