May 22, 2024

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Kassalakis: The Tsipras law on foreign companies is wrong

Kassalakis: The Tsipras law on foreign companies is wrong

“The (Tsipras) law on foreign companies is a mistake,” Syriza's leader told Mega tonight Stefanos Kassalakis Speaking on and answering questions about the station's main news broadcast Lobster boat.

He also said that if you vote, you should be beaten Kiriakos Mitsotakis, is something he disagrees with. He argued that the law was created for the “black” money of Greek politicians abroad, not the “white” money of foreigners. He said he would give an explanation if called by a judge – “If necessary, I will pay the fine,” he added politely.

SYRIZA's leader said he would no longer participate in foreign companies for a year. “I don't want to be archived,” he said characteristically. In saying this, the SYRIZA leader compared his dismissal from the companies he “ran” to his exit from them, even though it is known – and through a lawsuit he filed in April last year – that he still maintains a shareholder relationship. SYRIZA was banned by law.

“All my assets in the cargo boats have been transferred. My involvement in a partnership with a US listed company is known to the world and my partnership was terminated a year ago. I have requested a payment and I am requesting my return. “I no longer have a stake in any company,” said the SYRIZA leader. As it is known, through the lawsuit he filed, he is demanding compensation for the equity percentage from Diptree Marine, which he claims was not granted to him as a natural person and Osios. It gave SYRIZA until the end of ΄23. “People are tired of gaslight. Think about what they are trying to do from the start. I'm a fool, I'm a lifestyle. 35-year-old expat Stefanos Kasselakis is involved. Mr. A lot of concern from Greenberg,” he said in the interview. According to him, “At some point we have to wake up. Does the Greek citizen know where Mr. Mitsotakis is? It is time for the politician to be the servant of the citizen.

Regarding the time he wants to make his financial situation public, the official opposition leader replied, “It's June 30 with my Bothan Esshes,” while “the money was returned to Osios with him right. To the detriment of Osios”, regarding his loan to the party media of SYRIZA PS.

“If I'm called, I'll give it to the judge,” Mr. Kassalakis stressed, “The Greek citizen knows both my place and my will. It is time for the politicians of this country to be servants, not masters.”

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Former Justice Minister Mr. Kontonis, Mr. Kassalakis was asked. “The cycle of 15-19 is closed. “There will be new faces in the new cycle of Syriza,” Mr. Kasselakis said, meaning he meant Mr. Papa and Polakis responded: “Both enjoy my faith”.

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When asked about the proposals he made yesterday focusing on accuracy and taxation, the chief executive explained the opposition by saying, “What I am proposing is that there should be a very progressive level, especially on incomes below 60,000 euros, so that the month will come out.” “For most professionals, it's less taxing this way”. “For all entrepreneurs and workers, contributions will be reduced”, as he said, temporary measures to be exact, costing 3.2 billion euros.

“Prime Minister there is not even a chance in a million that I will send the country to the rocks,” he clarified, referring to the measures for the refineries, to which he replied that their validity period would be one year. At the same time, he said, “putting a ceiling on electricity doesn't have a financial cost, it's a cost to the stakeholders,” noting how recycling income would increase in society. “In five years, this income will reduce the debt,” he explained. Mr. Kasselakis commented, “We now have a track record of almost thirty years in indirect taxes.”

“Why hasn't he reduced VAT?” He is Mr. He also asked Mitsotakis, who said, “The tax framework I propose will have a crackdown on growth and tax evasion.”

Asked to take a stand against Alexis Tsipras' “mea culpa”, the current leader of SYRIZA PS said “the 2015-2019 cycle of SYRIZA has closed. A new cycle has opened and it involves a great renewal”. “I was in America then and I was trying to stand on my own two feet,” he insisted, contradicting what his predecessor and Novartis had said on the TV license issue, while adding, “Both Mr. Pappas and Mr. Polakis enjoy it. Trust me.”

“I wasn't in government then, I don't know,” he countered about the two cases and continued, “Say there were unfortunate interventions. Let the judge judge them.”

A meeting with Tsipras

Finally, Mr. Kassalakis revealed that he met Alexis Tsipras after the Syriza PS congress and when asked if the former prime minister would challenge him, his successor replied “no, no”. It will not happen.”

Referring to the mattress of the SYRIZA PS government, Mr. Kasselakis said, “Alexis Tsipras is a good prime minister.”

Finally, the leader of SYRIZA PS rejected the situation of his candidacy for the European Parliament, but also his entry into the Greek Parliament as a member of state, Alexis Tsipras said “he has every right to express his opinion”, but also he is with 100%.

Romanos (ND): Annoyed, Kassalakis said nothing about transparency issues

“Today we learned from the irritated Mr. Kasselakis that a party leader can give and take credit from his party without being accountable to anyone,” ND press representative Nikos Romanos said in his statement about Kasselakis' interview with Mega.

“In reply to the judge, he cannot answer anything on the transparency issues. Except for the jobs and days of Papa and Polaki, he can renounce the entire government tenure of his party,” said Mr. Romanos further emphasized and noted: “As for the debate on the economic plan, this is the only point he fully agrees with. The policy of his predecessor, to suit his ignorance, presented the plan of Thessaloniki 2.0!”

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