April 19, 2024

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The Greek warship “Hydra” opened fire on Houthi drones in the Gulf.

The Greek warship “Hydra” opened fire on Houthi drones in the Gulf.

Last updated: 13:52

The battleship “Hydra” was stationed in the Gulf of Aden against two unmanned aerial vehicles that threatened a merchant ship. According to the ERT report, the UAVs moved away and the warship continued its course in the area.

According to reports, on Wednesday 13 March 2024 and in the morning hours in the Gulf of Aden, EUNAVFOR escorted a merchant vessel and fired on 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as part of Operation ASPIDES. As per the applicable rules of engagement, they were removed. The warship, according to the same information, continues its mission as usual.

It is worth noting that the Greek warship “Hydra” is part of the European Union's naval group in the context of the “Shields” operation, which aims to protect maritime security and ensure freedom of navigation in the area, especially for merchant ships. Several attacks by Yemen's Shia Islamist Houthi rebels have targeted international merchant ships since October 2023.

The pro-Iranian Houthis have controlled Yemen's capital Sanaa and half of the country since 2015. They call for an end to Israel's operations against Hamas in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and launch attacks on international shipping in the name of “solidarity with the Palestinians.”

N. DENTIAS: We are proud of our motherland's activities to protect the national interest

During his visit to the 12th Motorized Infantry Division, Minister of National Defense Nikos Dentias, in his speech, mentioned the first engagement of the HYDRA warship operating in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea as part of its participation in the European operation ASPIDES. in Alexandroupoli.

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“A few days ago, to be exact, two days ago, we were in the Gulf of Aden with our warship HYDRA, along with the leader of GITA and the Navy. We were proud to see our country's flag. HYDRA mast and as you know HYDRA this morning as part of its mission carried out a drone attack against a merchant ship. “We are proud of our country's actions to protect the national interest, the role of our country. But also the interests of every Greek and every Greek woman and Greek society,” he said.