May 21, 2024

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The most radical left-wing proposal in the last 30 years

The most radical left-wing proposal in the last 30 years

With… “Claws” for SYRIZA's ex-president Alexis Tsipras With a statement on his financial plan Stefano Kassalakis The Pavlos Polakis.

In his post on Facebook shortly after the Kasselakis proposals on taxation and precision were presented, Pavlos Polakis spoke of “the most extreme left-wing proposal put forward in the last 30 years”.

In particular he wrote:

“A great presentation by President Stefanos Kasselakis on a proposal to control the precision and profitability of banks, refineries, energy companies, supermarkets and at the same time a proposal for a new tax system with ten levels and two multipliers for employees. BUSINESS!! The most radical and left-progressive proposal heard in the last 30 years !!”

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