February 26, 2024

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Kate Middleton: Her full recovery will likely take 9 months

Kate Middleton: Her full recovery will likely take 9 months

Information indicates that Kate Middleton will return to her duties at a gentle and gradual pace, as her full recovery is likely to take up to nine months.

Kate Middleton's health condition First news In many media outlets in Britain but also in many other countries, after her hospitalization was announced on January 17, with the Palace providing explanations, because the whole matter had taken on gigantic proportions.

The royal family confirmed that Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery, However, he initially said he would not make further announcements, as the Princess of Wales's wish was to remain private.

However, many international media outlets began speculating about Kate Middleton's health, and some even went so far as to say that Prince William's wife, He fell into a coma and had to be intubated. With a Kensington Palace representative telling people how “This is not the case”. At the same time, he described all the rumors as “nonsense.”

The official statement of the royal family wants Kate Middleton to recover normally after leaving the hospital at the end of January, while She herself will abstain from her royal duties until and after Easter. The diagnosis has not been made public, but it is known It does not indicate any form of cancer.

The “Fiesta” program, presented by Emma Garcia, said, “The truth is that we will never know the details, but Kate Middleton’s path after surgery did not develop as the treating doctors expected.”

It is reported that Kate Middleton was hospitalized for about two weeks at Marylebone Hospital in London, while she is now recovering at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. The announcement of Kate's health problem came almost simultaneously with news regarding the health of King Charles, who was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Likewise, King Charles had to step down from his royal duties, but is now recovering. In fact, he made his first public appearance after surgery. King Charles attended church at Sandringham yesterday, a week after being released from hospital. He attended morning mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church, accompanied by Queen Camilla.

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