April 19, 2024

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Katie Garbey: When Phoebus wrote “We Lived,” I broke away from Dionysus

Katie Garbey: When Phoebus wrote “We Lived,” I broke away from Dionysus

the Kate Garbey She beautifully recalled her big successes, on Saturday afternoon, through the program “It Doesn’t Get Better” on Alpha Channel. In fact, the famous singer wanted to share with the TV audience the background behind the writing of the songs “We Lived”, “Hibat Allah” and “Only You”.

In particular, Katie Garbe characteristically noted that “I remember that on 'We Lived' we did an amazing video with Dionysis, and then we worked together on Diogenes, many hours and hours and there were scenes that were a little inappropriate. But the point is that I and “Dionysus and I broke up at the time. We weren't together. Phoebus wrote the song while he knew we were breaking up, and even though I felt a little uncomfortable, I felt comfortable with the scenes.”

“We shot the video clip for the song ‘Hebatullah’ when I was pregnant. We suggested to the director to make the photo black and white and this photo really showed sweetness and tenderness. But it doesn’t look like I’m pregnant, I said that.”

“'Only You' is a song with lyrics by Nikos Gretzis and music by Dimitris Kontopoulos. I remember when I picked it up and read the words I started crying. I was crying nonstop. I said the part once, which you hear to this day. I said to them: 'I'm stuck, I can't “Continue.” So what you're hearing is the way it came out the first time I said the track. “I think it's a love piece and I didn't know Nikos wrote it for his mother, who he recently lost,” Katie Garbe added on Natalia Germano's entertainment show on Alpha Channel.

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