April 24, 2024

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sportdog.dr | Great annoyance from Minigakis, a personal decision from Marinakis

sportdog.dr |  Great annoyance from Minigakis, a personal decision from Marinakis

On which channel will “Beautiful Helen” appear in the new season? Will he work on TV or take time off again?

There has been a lot of movement in recent days around her morning area Mega!

We've heard something in the past few days that Mega is starting to back away from Eleni Menegaki and might want her with a new contract. Perhaps only with a relative decline in her earnings as I write «tvnea.com».

And of course there are also channel managers who don't want it at all. Let's see what wins…

It appears to have been on display for several weeks now Danis Baraka It may not be on the channel's schedule next time – which is inconvenient for shareholders. But yesterday, for example, Danae scored 12% dynamic audience and came in second place. And if, as we say now, it continues to achieve double digits, the people who decide, won't they sit down rationally and think again?

Especially considering her contract Elenis Menigakis Summer ends and now Eleonora Meliti Reportedly determined to move away from the daily schedule for next season, reports are likely to be denied. However, one of the show's partners has already secured a job for next year if “Let's go to Danae” turns into “We leave Danae”.

The same applies to her Fay Skordas, which is already starting to get ratings from Survivor. Of course, from my experience on the show last year, when the game starts, the viewer is more interested in negative comments and spoilers, which you can't do naturally when you're on the same channel.

Last year, for example, I “had the audacity” to say on air that the players there seemed more determined to stay because the money was so much (the most obvious thing) and one station executive commented sharply on me. At the same time in Kaynorgio across the street and also in SK in Tsolaki, there was a “party” with Survivor, as happened today with Andreas Microtsikos To blow up the game before it even starts – this promo is for the specific project. If at SKAI they move away from the logic of project sanctification (as was the case with Mousinas) and let the experienced team do their job as they know how, everyone will be a winner.

However, Fay has not yet spoken to the channel about the possibility of renewing her contract, which is surprising since it is known that there is interest in the presenter from another station as well…

And let's not forget of course the other big contract that ends in June and of course we're talking about Grigoris Arnautoglu Who will be called back to face Survivor starting next week – he didn't do too badly last year. However, Grigoris is also in Mega's crosshairs – the show has actually been around since last season and is still active…

source: okmag.gr

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