February 20, 2024

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George Yiannopoulos on Oikonomopoulos' statements about same-sex couples and procreation: Shame

George Yiannopoulos on Oikonomopoulos' statements about same-sex couples and procreation: Shame

the George Yiannopoulos He gave an interview and commented, among other things, on his statements Nikos Economopoulos On same-sex couples and childbearing.

The actor spoke on the show “Smile Again” and first expressed his opinion on the matter.

“I am neither an expert nor a lawyer to say whether a same-sex couple can have a child. If the child is better off under a same-sex couple, good-bye, happy, and may it be so.” He said characteristically.

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Then he commented on Nikos Oikonomopoulos's statements. “If he knew this, shame on him for making such statements. Different categories of scholars should be placed here. I'm interested in the child having a good time. If the child also has a good time with same-sex couples, so be it.” He confirmed. The actor also mentioned Stefanos Kasellakis. “He is interesting as a person. I was impressed by the relationship he has with his partner. These people must be very lovable. The love they have shows in their eyes. Politically, it doesn't concern me, because I don't believe in this area and I don't think it has a political reason.” to explain. Finally, he said about Petros Philippidis: “I will cooperate with Petros Philippidis if he is acquitted. Shouldn't this man work if the law is innocent? The same applies to Lignadis and to everyone else.”

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