February 22, 2024

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The five questions you should ask yourself before buying something new on sale

The five questions you should ask yourself before buying something new on sale

Starting Monday, January 8, the winter sales officially begin in stores across Greece, which will continue until the end of February.

This means that for about two months we will have more incentive to make purchases that we may not need.

Edwin Hardy Amis, Queen Elizabeth's personal stylist, used to say that a man should buy his clothes intelligently, wear them carefully, and then forget all about them. But in practice, are we really buying smart or have we become victims of consumerism?

In addition, we all need to think more about the planet. Although textiles and fashion are responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, we can all contribute to reducing this number. By asking ourselves a few simple questions before “add to cart,” we may find that we can make do with what we already have. The planet will thank us, and so will our wallets.

Do I already have it?

Unless you have the organizational skills of Marie Kondo, over time, it's very easy — and common — to lose track of what your closet contains. A 2022 StitchFix survey found that the average person has more than $250 worth of unwearable clothing in their recent wardrobe. So, it's a good idea to do a thorough check of your wardrobe, drawers and storage spaces under your bed. You may find a jacket you forgot. Of course, acting wisely is best.

Or does my mother/girlfriend/daughter have it?

Salma Hayek admitted that sharing clothes with her daughter is a smart and environmentally friendly habit. Teenagers are usually messy, so it's not unlikely that you might spot an old Zara sweater at the back of the bedroom door. Parents can join this game too. Oversized clothes are in fashion, and girls can wear your jackets very well. Or even T-shirts for a more elegant and attractive look.

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Can I fix something?

Extending the life of clothes by just nine months reduces their carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30% each, according to Wrap — so no matter how bad the damage is, it's always worth trying to repair it rather than replace it.

When the damage is in the middle of the fabric—moth holes, burns, tears—customers assume the repair will be super obvious. However, many fashion houses specialize in “invisible repairs”. Like for example Meow Meow. The same applies to leather bags and shoes. Most of us might think that deep scratches mean permanent damage, but creative people can erase them.

Can I combine them differently?

Before buying something new, it's always worth trying to style your current clothes in a different way. Vogue stylist and “Queen of Thrift” Bay Garnett, whose new book Style And Substance is full of advice on the subject, has three suggestions on how to breathe new life into a favorite sweater. “A wide belt will add a 70s touch that can really transform the look, giving it a bohemian feel in keeping with current runway trends. Or tuck a men's shirt underneath, allowing the collar and cuffs to show, giving you an instantly stylish look. For the third option, wear a blazer “As is, but add a statement necklace. Any necklace you add will instantly change your look, as will a bold earring. Sometimes, you don't need to update your wardrobe — just your accessories.”

Will it be turned off?

It is not known whether customers who paid €1,500 for a cream jacket from the new Vibe Velo collection calculated the depreciation value first, but this is a factor to take into account. For example, a winter coat may be expensive, but if you wear it five days a week between now and March, it will soon pay for itself — even more so if it's a classic coat that can be worn again for several winters. So it's basically an investment.

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Phoebe Philo

As a general rule, the more modern or trendy the clothing is, the less likely it is to depreciate in value. A neon dress, for example, which might cost 100 euros and looks affordable, will only be worn once.

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