April 24, 2024

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Survivor: Great viewership for the premiere

Survivor: Great viewership for the premiere

Survivor is back at SKAI and the executives have every reason to smile

sunday night, The new episode of “Survivor” premiered on SKAI She played without much competition and won the television ratings bet.

The survival show managed to achieve an overall rating of 27.7% and a dynamic audience of 24.1%, bringing smiles to Faliro and Atjun Ilijali's channel.

The Turkish executives and producer decided to air “Survivor” before the rest of the shows, and as it turns out, it worked out for them!

In the first episode, we saw George Lianos explaining the new systems. “Before we start getting to know each other, I would like to announce something that you may have already understood,” the announcer pointed out characteristically, drawing the attention of celebrities and fighters in particular. “The game is played differently this year. New rules you all have to deal with. Both new players and players who have already played the game. No more public voting. No text messages and no phones to keep you in the game. Here you will have to use your case,” he stressed. Good gameplay and strategy.

He added: “A player who is leaving, will leave through a trial period. But in order to reach this trial, he must have been voted in by his team. So it takes diplomacy and strategy to be indispensable to your team and very good fitness and competitiveness if you arrive.” To the point of being an exit candidate to stay in the game.

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In the first match, the celebrities won and the two fighters were put to the vote. Among the group of fighters, Dora was the first to come out, along with most of her teammates, justifying their vote either in terms of competitiveness or in terms of coexistence.