November 28, 2023

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“I’ve gained weight, but I won’t explode.”

Another reference was made to the weight he gained Eleni MinigakiThis was on the afternoon of Friday, November 17th.

The presenter admitted that she had gained weight, but she would not lose weight.

More specifically, Eleni Minigaki said in her cooking column, in conversation with chef Giorgos Papakostas: “I pulled out two different pizzas, and as you know I work with my nose. I smelled one and said I’m going to eat that. I smelled the other one too and said, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to eat that “Also. I’ll eat it, and that’s why you eat and eat and don’t lie, Madam Eleni.”

Then, Eleni Minegaki added: “I won’t even run away. I’ve gained weight, but that’s okay. I’m strong, strong and beautiful.”

In a previous presentation, Eleni Menegaki told Chef Giorgos Tsoulis:

“You can’t blame anyone, I say it myself every time. I say to myself, ‘Isn’t there something you’re doing, Helen?’ Fix it?” And what’s bothering you is that maybe you got bitten. No, what you’re doing is just continuing to enjoy it.”

I definitely don’t feel guilty about food, especially when I find something delicious. The point is not to do it for the sake of doing it. Don’t eat just to eat, either out of joy or out of sadness. It’s another thing to enjoy it, and I enjoy it because I love it.”

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