June 25, 2024

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Bibilas talks about €255,000 lawsuit against Koya – “I don’t accept the apology, he touched me”

Bibilas talks about €255,000 lawsuit against Koya – “I don’t accept the apology, he touched me”

“I do not accept any apology,” Spyros Peylas explained, speaking about the lawsuit he filed against Alexis Koyas for which he demands 255 thousand euros in compensation for moral damage.

“It was not my fault that the lawsuit came to light. This has been going on for about 7-8 months, but I have no reason to go on TV every now and then and say everything that is happening, so that there are conspiracies and discussions. I will not discuss it yet. I have I filed a lawsuit like any wronged citizen who has been wronged by another citizen. It will only be resolved in the courts. Neither with television nor with radio can one come out and talk about the other. “Now, I don’t know how he will act,” the head of SEH said at the beginning, speaking to Astra TV. Mr. Kogias from now on.”

No citizen may allow another citizen to harm him personally unnecessarily

“What is important is that we go into the courtroom and everyone says what they want to say. No citizen should allow another citizen to hurt him personally unnecessarily. Mr. Kogias is a man who goes out and speaks for everyone. He speaks his mind about everyone, regardless of whether they are causing problems.” However, I will not say anything else about Mr. Koya. He stressed that as a lawyer I respect him.

“I do not accept any apology”

“No, I don’t accept any apology. We will go to justice, depending on what justice says. When I claim something, I claim it for the moral side of things. You know that in the courts you ask for 250,000 and you might get 5,000 or 10,000 euros. It doesn’t matter. I’ve done it before,” he emphasized.

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He stressed: “When they harm me without any cause or reason, the only one who can provide a solution is the court,” explaining that he is not asking for money for himself, but rather intends, as he did in the past, to give a good reason.

Controversial statements that angered Spyros Pipila

According to what was reported on the morning show (ANT1), the statements made by Alexis Kogias against Spyros Pypilas that prompted him to take legal action are:

  • “Educating Karagioses”,
  • “Priestess of Mito” and
  • “He had a lobotomy and it rendered his brain useless.”

“Let’s talk about serious things. They discovered a lawsuit, because I call him Pibila and because one time when he was there at the Lignadis trial, I called him Karagiozis,” commented Alexis Kogias, when the lawsuit against him became known.