June 25, 2024

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“Something is always written, and something will always be written.”

In her presentation Katerina Kenorghiu She talked about her television future Dana Baraka Despite the dispute that arose between the two due to the former partner of the Alpha presenter.

Danae Baraka spoke at the show Super Katerina About her TV future and the rumors about changes to her show’s team in the new TV season.

“This year’s television season left me with a very good taste like every television season, with its good and its most difficult, but in general we are healthy, doing something we love… I am not directly influenced by television reports, because I know that the final discussions and about what actually happens I contact the channel Which I belong to, our Mega Channel.

There will always be and always be something written, and I completely respect people’s work. If I have discussions about next season, I won’t share them. These are things I don’t even share with my friends, because they are things that only matter to me, the channel, the team, and the show.

Everything will be announced at the right time by the right people. I will continue to be in Mega. I am confident that any proposal will be in the interest of the channel and us. I am positive when I am in a place where I am loved, cared for and honored and I try to do the same. “Everything else is just for discussion and analysis,” Danae Barca said at the start.

On another point, regarding the scenarios in which she would want Faye Skordas and Despina Kampouris to corner her team, Danae Barca responded:

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“Who is besieging Mars? Aris and Despina can answer these questions for you. I am happy when the people I love are happy. No one has influence. What we do is a job, and just as all jobs have their discussions and changes, so is this job. It is “Only in our case has it become clearer.”