June 23, 2024

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Marina Psalti is shocked by the death of Yannis Vertes: “It was a terrible relief”

Marina Psalti is shocked by the death of Yannis Vertes: “It was a terrible relief”

The well-known actress Marina Salty, speaking on the program “Studio 4”, referred to the last moments of her husband, Yannis Vertes, who passed away after a struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

“His death was a terrible relief, shame on you for saying that… I’m honest, I haven’t come out to speak yet, when a lot of people wanted to. I’m one of those who say not everything is for sale. I would never do that while John was alive It’s also a way to exorcise evil, say it and it’s over My mother also went through it, but the situation is different because you know the parent will leave at some point even if they don’t have a big age difference Giannis was three years younger than my father years, and they were about the same age.

“The house is empty, it hurts me so much…”

However, I never saw Giannis, who was my partner, as an old man leaving. While I said with my parents that they would leave at some point, I was familiar. “The house is empty, and it hurts me a lot… When she had to stay in the hospital for a month and a half, there were moments when I was bent over,” Marina admitted to Salty.

“I saw him in the hospital when his condition was very difficult and I told him that he had to leave… This is not life, not even for my enemy. When that happened, I lost the ground under my feet.” Marina Psaltis, the last wife of Yannis Vertes, added: “I was saying that I would never see him again.” “One more time, and I would never hear from him again… This was no life.”

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