June 19, 2024

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Tatiana Blatnik: a 23-year-old doll in the arms of Nikolaos in the first…

Tatiana Blatnik: a 23-year-old doll in the arms of Nikolaos in the first…

the “Bombshell” separation of Tatiana Blatnik and Nikolaos It fell like a thunderbolt on Friday night, April 19. After 14 years of married life, the couple decided to separate, stressing that they would maintain their respect and friendly relationship after 20 years together.

Tatiana Blatnik: 23-year-old doll in Nikolaos' arms the first time they met in Athens

Tatiana Blatnik met Nikolaus in 2003 in Gstaad, Switzerland. Then their relationship began, which led him to the royal wedding in Spetses.


The first time they came together to Greece

She posted a photo from the first time she came to Greece with Nikolaos as a couple. In the photo from 2003 we see young Tatiana with her lover against the backdrop of Athens.

Blatnick wrote in the caption:

“Our first trip to Greece – together..in 2003! Who would have thought then that we would be lucky enough to make this beautiful country our home. I spent the weekend enjoying Athens and all it has to offer. From the beach to the city center until I got lost in the streets laughing On endless stories from my childhood days here in Greece, I love the magic that this country has to offer and my love for it grows every day.

The couple was photographed in Anafiotika.


Separation and third person scenarios

According to what was stated in a newspaper article,afternoon“, say internal sources Third person from Nicholas' side. “The film revolves around a woman he met through mutual acquaintances, and with whom they had a serious relationship” They say characteristically. The specific information has not been confirmed and it is not known how long before the official announcement of the separation of the couple.

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Scenarios of the couple's separation were also circulated in 2019, but were officially denied after that. But this time, the couple's separation became final after nearly 20 years together, a love that was intense and had wonderful moments. According to information received from the family environment, there is no room for reconnection.

They were separated for 1.5 years

A new revelation was made by Super Katerina and Chrisla Georgakopoulou on Monday. More specifically, the journalist confirmed in connection with the divorce of Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik that the spouses had been living separately for a year and a half. In fact, he explained the presence of a third person in the life of Nicholas and Tatiana Platnik.

She stressed that Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik have already moved on in their lives. In fact, during the period of their separation, Tatiana already had someone in her life, a businessman and a well-known person in Greece and Europe, but this relationship did not work out.

Tatiana Blatnik

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Tatiana Blatnik: 23-year-old doll in the arms of Nikolaos The first time they met in Athens - photo 6

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