June 19, 2024

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“I had two mothers, and our house was an apartment.”

“I had two mothers, and our house was an apartment.”

On Tuesday (23/04), the well-known actress was a guest on the program “Kalitera Arga”. Joyce IfediShe talked about her childhood, her acting career, and the extent of her financial security throughout these years.

“I've heard a lot about my voice, 'compliments', and from colleagues. I am my mother's voice, the same. We used to make fun of it when we were kids. Now it's like I swallowed my mother.” said the beloved actress at first.

Referring to her childhood, Joyce Ifedi described that she was very beautiful and did not remember anything dark, while she stated that She grew up with her mother and a very good friendIn a house that was constantly crowded.

“I grew up in Nea Smyrni, in a single-family home. Our door always had a key from the outside, and our friends would always come over for coffee. I told about a friend of my mother’s who was like my mother. I had two mothers, and I was very lucky in life. My life has expanded dramatically and is different. We had several members of this family who were good friends of my father. It was like a municipality. Lots of extroversion, lots of partying. “I don't remember my childhood except with laughter.” He said.

“I don't remember leaving anything sad. I don't remember anything dark about my childhood. If someone like me is a fool to think that the bright side will always be there in life. It's a deep complex, and it's no joke to 'belittle' myself.” When I was a kid, I never had “good luck” and that's why I used to tell my dogs. Fortunately, I had a fan club for my parents that maintained the same thing.” Write.

In fact, she said about her father:My father once asked me about acting, “Can you do it well?” I confidently told him, “Yes.” I was such a jerk at the time. It's okay to be a mess when you're young, you can't. It's good to have new confidence and not go with fear! I listen to talent, see. What does talent mean?

That this job has paid the bills for so many years is a miracle. It's dirty work! If I had a child, I wouldn't want him to become an actor. “It's a very hard job, I don't recommend it.” she said about her profession.

Regarding her success and roles, Joyce Ifedi says: “I had yet to do TV while I was a waitress! I was of the generation that was lucky when things opened up and good work was done. TV was so romantic in the 90s. I wasn't paid well. I'm not one of those people who made or saved money. I'm crazy when I talk about finances! I wanted like crazy to have a manager. I was usually on TV at busy functions where there couldn't be big bars. I'm not a person who makes money at all. I lived comfortably for a while but didn't make any money!“.

Finally, Joyce Ifedi mentioned the people who recognized her: People are talking to people and someone says to me, “Hey Ifedi, you’re getting old too.” He made me sad and I told him: “Luckily I didn’t die!” The comment doesn't bother me, it bothers me that I don't have the same stamina. He has a lot of earnings in his old age. Like for example, you don't spend. They tell you in the company, “Let's go to the bouzouki?” And you say “never.” I often come home excitedly to feed the stray cats in my neighborhood. I'd love to see a show every now and then. Overall, I belong at home.”