May 18, 2024

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Alexis Pappas: First words after voluntarily leaving Survivor

Alexis Pappas: First words after voluntarily leaving Survivor

Alexis Pappas shocked her teammates after leaving Survivor

It's been four months since the premiere of “Survivor” on SKAI and it's been quite impressive in recent days aBig favorites go and even willinglyWith one of them, Alexis Papa.

More specifically, the departure of Alexis Pappas caused shock to his colleagues, but a few days after his departure he returned to social networking sites, By posting a post:

“When something ends, it doesn't mean everything is over. Survivor, a strategy game and an unforgettable experience, has come to an end for me. But the difficulties and suffering of this game helped me understand that the simplest and most obvious things are the ones that really matter.

One of those values ​​we take for granted is health, and there is no game more dangerous than the game of life. That's why my game is dedicated to supporting everyday survivors in the world.

My goal for the final may not have been achieved, but a new chapter has just begun and I thank you for being there for me.

Note: My friend @jamie.kaf, the score remains 8/8. I'm looking forward to our final showdown, a big beach volleyball match for charity, like we said!” Alexis Pappas wrote.

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