May 21, 2024

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Kenji Zirak: Mystery Surrounding Singer's Shooting

Kenji Zirak: Mystery Surrounding Singer's Shooting

vocalist Kenji Zirak He is still in the hospital After being shot in the chestBut without exposing any risk.

But many questions were asked and no answers were provided that could convince the police of exactly what happened. The singer claimed he injured himself after mishandling a gun, but authorities have already launched a manslaughter investigation.

Gunfire was heard around five o'clock on Monday morning in the Biscarros region in southwestern France. Officers arrived around 6:40 a.m. They found 20 people at the spot where Zirak was killed, but their accounts were mixed, with some claiming that… nothing had happened.

The gun that was used was found several hours later hidden in a ditch, making police wonder if the singer had accidentally used it himself, as there was no reason for someone else to remove it from the scene. In his first statements to police, Kenji Zirak – who was conscious when he was shot – claimed that he had bought the gun himself on Sunday, April 21, at a flea market, and many believe Zirak may have wanted to protect someone.


Kenji Girak will have to provide a detailed statement to the police once his health condition improves. So far, he has only been able to say a few words, shortly before the surgery. His partner and relatives also provided evidence yesterday and all versions must be verified for compatibility. The hands of the singer and his partner were also examined to see if there were any gunpowder residue.

Zirac is a father of one child. He first became famous in 2013, after he covered a song by rapper Gamez. The following year he won the “Voice” of Gaul award. He has released five studio albums, most recently L'École de la Vie (School of Life) in 2022. His hit songs Color Gitano and Andalouse have garnered hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

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