May 18, 2024

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Eleonora Meliti has been ready for blue for a long time

Eleonora Meliti has been ready for blue for a long time

In presenting her candidacy on the European ballot paper for the new party, Eleonora Meliti (photo) stated that she wanted to fight for women's rights and more generally for human rights in the European Parliament. Of course, a few years ago, she had personally “washed” Elias Kassidiaris, then the press representative for the Nazi Golden Dawn party, on a midday program she was presenting. She then presented him as a man next door and introduced her audience to people whose ideas violate the universality of human rights and who consider women “second-class citizens.”

Referring to the Tembo tragedy, the broadcaster opined that “if there is a mistake it is that the government did not reach out initially to put an end to some of the fake news they allowed to grow and at this moment they are eating it.” What is fake news according to Elion? Stady; The establishment process that has not been answered yet, why was it done and by whose decision? Successive warnings to workers in the railway network by then Minister Costas Ah. Karamanlis for criminal palaces? In less than 24 hours, Ms. Meliti ramped up government propaganda. A.K.

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