May 28, 2024

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Survivor All Star – Spoiler (12/3): Whichever team wins first immunity

Survivor All Star – Spoiler (12/3): Whichever team wins first immunity

Survivor All Star spoiler: First immunity match of the week, with new tensions and ring board.

Not only do the Reds and Blues compete on battlefields, they cross swords constantly with factions and feuds taking center stage.

As for the immunity matches, early reports call for a celebrity victory at Battleground One.

This leads to the fighters being deemed losers to the Island Council to name the first candidate to leave.

How much money have the players who have been on the reality show made since day one?

A lot of money has been made for the players participating in this year’s Survivor All Star.

As it became known, this year each player receives 5,000 euros a week. If you calculate that the survival reality show has been on the air for 9 weeks, it means that those who went to Santo Domingo from day one already earned 45,000 euros.

The amount that in previous games could not be collected in a few days.

This means that such “elders” as Ilias Goutsis, Ilias Bogdanos, Konstantinos Vassalos, Sakis Katsoulis, Marialina Romiliotis, Stelios Hadambakis, Marios Priamos, Takis Karagounias, Evi Saltavredo and others. You’ve already collected half of the game’s prize!

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