April 1, 2023

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Krateros Katsoulis exploded: “They can’t eat firewood or have tear gas thrown at them every time someone speaks” (vid)

The well-known actor said, obviously angry

On Saturday afternoon (11-03) he hosted the program “Better Than Nothing”. Catsolis Crater. the the actor He angrily pointed out everything that had followed him since the tragedy in Tempehe spoke of artists but also of “movements that we must make their presence known”.

“entertain people, actorsUnfairly targeted bidders, we have the ability because it’s the nature of our business. We people who have a relationship with art are obliged to understand and think in order to understand. You must be present, understand, perceive, understand and be able to express it. It makes us more resistant to being lethargic. All power structures don’t want artists because we are mystery men who keep saying “why?” He said at the beginning.

“We have to be in the mobilization. To be at the front, beside, together and to protect young children. All that we live boils down to one thing, that we do not care about each other. Nothing in the protests justified the reckless use of tear gas. And in the end, they can’t eat firewood or have tear gas thrown at them every time someone speaks. Where is this natural thing?He said he was clearly upset about the role and continued:

“Now we’ve seen what we’ve been saying for many years, ‘Well, that was it.'” Service does not qualify. This time we have seen that one fault of a man to whom the responsibility which belongs to him is to be entrusted is sufficient. One mistake is enough. There are always responsibilities but the person to blame is the one with more power. When you teach me a way, I will follow that way. Because if you teach me that I can do anything as long as I am clever and cunning, I do these little tricks and he will praise me, this is the mentality we have every day and live”. he said at the end.

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