October 4, 2023

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Kanye West: Embarrassing photos from vacation in Italy

Kanye West: Embarrassing photos from vacation in Italy

The tabloids captured the rapper and his partner on a boat and that’s when things started to take a very strange turn

Kanye West: Embarrassing photos from vacation in Italy

Rapper Kanye West’s behavior on the occasion of his summer vacation with his partner Bianca Sensori in Italy has caused problems and embarrassment – once again. the reason; Photos released from inside the boat he and his alleged “wife” were on in which the rapper can be seen posing behind it.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the ensuing surprise of photographers as well as passers-by as the boat turned into a bed and the entire Venice canal became a bedroom as the camera captured the couple in circumstances that were not captured by the media now speculating that the sensual, oral love of the West.

A few minutes later, he himself is seen getting up – naked from the waist down and wearing only his jacket, while in another video, the couple, accompanied by a friend, get off the ship with an annoyed tone (but also a certain shame). ) Trying to ignore the photographers who follow in their footsteps.

The photos that have spread around the world and were taken not only by paparazzi, but also by tourists (!) reinforce the rumors that they want the rapper in the worst condition he can be in, while according to a source who spoke to Sun, the ex-wife of Kim Kardashian, she feels embarrassed, upset and “not “She has no idea how to talk to her kids” about what’s going on publicly about their father.

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Source: “Kim is not hiding her anxiety about the new photos that were posted with Bianca. She is embarrassed and worried about him. He is walking around barefoot in the street with a bottle of champagne in his hand. Something is clearly wrong.” He said.