June 26, 2024

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The day before the concert, ColdPlay fans parked their cars outside OAKA

The day before the concert, ColdPlay fans parked their cars outside OAKA

Fearing they would get stuck in traffic around the stadium’s streets, as 60,000 spectators were expected to attend Saturday’s concert, many Coldplay fans chose to leave their cars in lots near OAKA starting today.

At the moment, the organizers recommend that access be made by public transport, bicycles and even… skates.

the doors They are expected to open at 5 p.m In order to make it easier for those who have tickets in the crowded arena and want them to be placed as close as possible to the stage.

Accredited photographers covering the event have been informed that they must be at the Olympic Stadium, Gate B no later than 20.30 which means the band He will not appear on stage after 9 p.m.


As for the few Coldplay Limited Visual Access tickets that went on sale yesterday It is expected to be sold out by Saturday morning.

The Olympic Stadium is expected to be packed and those lucky enough to be there are expected to have one of the most shocking concert experiences of their lives.

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