June 19, 2024

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The touching note he left for his wife shortly before his death

The touching note he left for his wife shortly before his death

Vassilis Karas left a touching message to his wife shortly before his death, the beloved singer’s biographer Thanos Kanosis has revealed.

Specifically, Vassilis Karas’s biographer, Thanos Kanousis, was hosted on Fai Scorda’s program “Fai Time” and highlighted little-known stories of the famous singer.

One of them concerns a very beautiful letter that Vassilis Karas left to his wife shortly before his death.

“Christina, on this trip I will not take you with me, stay behind to help people, you have a way, so I love you.” The words that were written, with the atmosphere on the set, were, as is reasonable, full of emotions.

“Vassilis Karas studied at drama school and got a scholarship to study in France, but he did not go because firstly he had to learn French, and secondly he had to stay to help the family.”

When he helped with charitable work, he stipulated that the person he was helping not be known.

When he was staying in Kavouri one night on his way back from the center where he was singing, he put all of the night’s wages into the hood of a homeless man who lived near his hotel. When he came out of intensive care, he asked me to talk about cancer.

He was in a lot of pain but he did not lose his smile, he thought he would beat cancer too,” Thanos Kanosis added, as his biographer Vassilis Karas once again showed the human side of the beloved artist, who despite the fame and glory always made sure to be humble and close to his brother. Human.

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