December 9, 2023

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Katie Gray: “She’s got flashes, asking about Angeliki Iliadis,” her grandson says.

Katie Gray: “She’s got flashes, asking about Angeliki Iliadis,” her grandson says.

On the occasion of the recent legal dispute over Kate Gray’s custody, her grandson Konstantinos Iliadis spoke about her situation and their relationship with his sister as well.

“He has been suffering from partial dementia for the past year. If she had been better, my grandmother would not have allowed her other son to do all this to her. There was no way,” Konstantinos Iliadis initially said of his grandmother’s condition.

“He says it best about Angeliki Iliadis.”

As for Kate Gray’s relationship with her granddaughter Angeliki Iliadis: “She has her glimpses, she will get to know us, she will talk to us about the past, about different issues. He told me the best about Angeliki Iliadis. Konstantinos Iliadis replied: “When she calls him, he asks to know what she does and he says the best about her.” “.

After that, Aggeliki’s brother Iliadis ended up speaking on the program “To Proinono”: “Those who have taken care of my grandmother for the past five years are my father, my mother, me and my sister.”

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Who is appointed a paralegal?

On the morning of Tuesday 24 October, Kate Gray’s relatives gathered at the Ivelbedon Courts, demanding guardianship over her. Her eldest son, Philippos Iliadis, wanted legal support from his mother, while on the other hand, the family of the late Vassilis Iliadis also asked for legal support, faithfully implementing the singer’s order to stay in her home until her death.

As revealed by journalist Nikos Nikolizas, the court even ruled on the final decision to appoint Kostas Iliadis, brother of Ageliki Iliadis and son of the late Vassilis Iliadis – Kate Gray’s son – as legal assistant.

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