May 18, 2024

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is an official game that impresses with its realism! (video)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is an official game that impresses with its realism!  (video)

True to her promise Warhorse Studios Just announced its next game! And yes, this is what everyone has been waiting for: the sequel to Kingdom Come: Deliverance! More specifically, the company revealed this with an impressive trailer Kingdom Come: The Second Redemption Which of course takes place in a real world medieval world.

From the little information he shared, we learned that this game will once again focus on Henry, a young man who embarks on a journey of revenge and discovery in a beautiful but brutal medieval world.

Warhorse Studios was announced by Official Page From the title, the sequel will contain more than five hours of cinematic film, but also characters that will remain unforgettable.

The title summary says:

Kingdom of Bohemia, early fifteenth century: Chaos reigned in the kingdom. As invaders ravage this ungoverned land, sowing fear and terror, Henry seeks to avenge his murdered family.

Now a trusted member of the King, Henry is sent to accompany Sir Hans Capon on a difficult mission. After being ambushed and nearly killed, the two young men embark on a series of dangerous adventures, putting their skills, character, and friendship to the ultimate test.

As for the story, Kingdom Come:deliverance is an RPG released in collaboration with Deel Silver in February 2018 that takes place in a medieval setting in the Kingdom of Bohemia and emphasized story and unique gameplay. The title received excellent reviews and managed to sell over 6 million copies across all platforms on which it was released.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II will be released for PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series However, you can try out the game through the trailer that you will find below.