June 23, 2024

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Land of Olives: Hedo is closed in a monastery

Land of Olives: Hedo is closed in a monastery

MEGA's hit drama series, “The Land of the Olive”, packs in tensions, emotions, intrigues and scares.

Cola appears in Areopolis and begins making her plans.

Ariadne returns to Christos' tavern and the flame between them still seems to burn.

Vasiliki begins to take control of the orange groves.

What we will see from Sunday 21 to Friday 26 April:

Episode 145 (Sunday, April 21 at 9:00 pm)

Amalia's injury – after Manu's aggressive behavior – raises questions for everyone who sees her, but he threatens her that if she speaks out, she will pay a heavy price. Policeman Kourakus feels like fainting, which causes him anxiety, so he decides to conduct an examination.

Haidu sinks deeper and deeper into mourning. Irene receives news that Vagiakos is watching her and is unpleasantly surprised by her reaction. After her release, Cola goes to Areopolis, finds Aspasia and moves into Arete's house.

A passerby “drops it” on Marina and Manus angrily attacks him. Despite Stathis's objections, Haido gets into her car, drives to the monastery and tearfully asks the abbess to host her there.

Episode 146 (Monday 22 April at 21:00)

The old lady welcomes Haido to the monastery who decides to stay there for a few days to pray. At the same time, Haido alerts Lycurgus and tells the others, as everyone was worried about her disappearance.

Paraskevas tries to put thoughts of marriage out of Irene's mind.

Manos is released for beating the man who attacked Marina, while Amalia doesn't miss the opportunity to inform Isidros. On the other hand, Marina learns that Amalia did not raise her hand at the city hall and demands that Manos tell her the truth. Ariadne returns to work and the spark between her and Christos ignites again. Cola vows to upgrade Arrietty's shop while welcoming a new prisoner into her cell.

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Episode 147 (Tuesday, April 23 at 9:00 pm)

Lycurgus and Stathis try to understand from Haideus' words whether she has found refuge in a monastery and whether she intends to become a monk. Manos is forced to admit to Marina that he twisted Amalia's arm, but he gives her a completely different version of the incident. Athena and John announce to Filio that they will get married next June, and her reaction surprises them.

Later, the couple surprised Maria with a surprise visit to Sounio where they announced their upcoming wedding. Paraskevas calls Hajdo and assures him that she has taken refuge in a monastery. Cola devised a plan involving Demosthenes and set up a whole scene outside his house to attract his attention.

Episode 148 (Wednesday, April 24 at 9:00 pm)

As long as Haidos remains at the monastery, Lycurgus is concerned that she may not return. Cola makes an interesting financial deal with Demosthenes in order to persuade Aspasia to return to him.

Paraskevas and Miltiades try to help Vasiliki take care of the baby, while Ismene pledges to help her father. Theodora's alcoholism intensifies and Miltiades kicks her out of the house. Demosthenes introduces Irene to his new relationship, Eleni (Elena Demetriou), a lawyer from Kalamata.

Episode 149 (Thursday, April 25 at 9 p.m.)

Eleni's appearance upsets Irene, who rushes to inform her mother. Aspasia pays her no mind, instead pressuring Cola to talk to her about past lives and reincarnation.

Anna hosts Theodora on the condition that she stops drinking and gets back on her feet. Haidu is busy in the monastery's vegetable garden, and everything indicates that she does not want to return to this world. Julia gets her period and Stathis feels sad because he can't be near her. Vasiliki realizes that it is time to raise her head and get down to business, mainly for the sake of her child. Margarita meets a woman who provides her with interesting information about the Arrietty case. At the same time, Botes locates the monastery where Haidu is located.

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Episode 150 (Friday, April 26 at 9:40 p.m.)

Vasiliki makes a commanding appearance in the orange grove, determined to handle the family fortune from now on. Demosthenes announces to Irene that his new partner is moving into their house.

Haido opens her soul to the abbess, searching for answers to the questions that torment her. Theodora continues to drink and Anna gives her an ultimatum that if she doesn't stop drinking, she will kick her out of the house.

Lycurgus goes to the monastery and tries to convince Haido to return, but he does not get the answer he wants. Ismini finds a buyer for her company. Stathis tries to persuade Ariadne to leave the tavern, but she refuses, so he explains that if she reunites with Christos, she will see his cruel face.


Directed by: Andreas Georgiou

Screenplay: Vanna Demetriou

With Nikos Galanos

They are a star

Paschalis Tsarochas, Antigone Kolokaku, Tassos Iordanidis, Dora Krysikou, Vassilis Mijas, Elena Kristof, Panchos Pelalis, Ephigenia Tzoula, Notary Maximos Moumuris, Antonia Charalambos, Alexandros Martidis, Stephanie Charalambos, Yiannis Kritikos, Antigone Neophytou, Angeliki Kintoni, Zo O Gerazi, Naya T. Karakosta, Vaso Pavlou, Nicole Christodoulou, Nikos Kossonas, Miltos Harovas, Irini Tassos

Orestes, George Angelopoulos

Vasilis Michael

In the role of Cola Christiana Artemio

John the Apostle Glitsos

Angeliki, little Cleo

And the:

Stella Ferrugini

Collis Nicolaou

Vasya Panagopoulou

Friendly post by Angela Jericho

Lycurgus, George Bartsalakis

In the role of Margarita Lydia Coniordo

Guest star Maro Konto

Production implementation: Make products

Production: ALTER EGO MASS MEDIA SA MEGA 2023-2024

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