July 14, 2024

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Larin and the feud with Cadiz

Larin and the feud with Cadiz

PAOK’s contacts with Canadian striker Kyle Larraine are advanced, but Cadiz’s interest has complicated the data on his acquisition.

the PAOK happened Take the Kyle Lahren case far enough In order to bring the Canadian to Tuba. The fact is that the Cádiz wedge creates obstacles to the completion of the player’s transition to Dicephalos. And even more than what has been shown with the Bruges who have the rights to the 27-year-old footballer from Ontario.

In essence, the Belgians gave PAOK the go-ahead to start discussions with Laren’s team without making significant demands because the player was not considered by his coach. After all, its people acknowledge the fact that they acquired him as a free agent last summer, when Besiktas made no move to keep him in Istanbul.

Two scenarios to agree with the player

PAOK’s two ways of acquiring the player were specific: either a loan with a mandatory clause in the summer, or a longer loan with Dikephalos who takes over the Canadian’s contract, as long as he stays in Tomba (SS: similar agreement to the one with Parma for Cortek).

In the second scenario, Larin will play for PAOK, who will pay him, but if there is interest in the player, the Belgians will collect the money for his transfer.

PAOK spoke with Larín and primarily agreed with him for the rest of this season. Discussions now relate to data for possible cooperation for the next season, which is a condition from the Canadian side.

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The two sides were reportedly not far from reaching an agreement, at least until Cadiz came to the fore.

PAOK perspective and the match against Cadiz

With the defeat of the Spaniards in the case of Larín, the situation became complicated. On the other hand, PAOK offers him the possibility of achieving bigger goals in the Greek League – in fact, discussions with him have reached the point of defining rewards for Dikefalos’ presence in European competitions.

On the other hand, Cadiz gives him the possibility to participate in one of the major leagues in Europe with the risk of relegation to the second division next season.

What is certain is that Dikephalos’ crew has qualified the Canadian striker’s case as the right one to strengthen their team’s offensive line. However, this does not diminish the difficulty of completing his transfer, especially since there has been interest from Spain.

However, the fact that in Tomba they decided to move to the attacking level of Laren logically shows that even if the specified football player is not convinced to continue his career in Greece, PAOK will move to strengthen his lead.